About Us

TakeoutOrders has been in the Merchant Services business for 10 years providing credit card merchant accounts and NSF check processing services. The Online Ordering service was added in 2009 so the average restaurant proprietor could increase their sales through the increase of “Takeout” orders and offer their customers the same services as the large national chains.

Recently TakeoutOrders also offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service for local searches, guaranteeing a 1st page result for the restaurant for Google local searches. This provides a greater Internet presence and brings more customers into the restaurant. Also, since everyone is now using the Internet and their Smart Phone for searches, we are including a Smart Phone App that your customer can download from your website. This will also allow for Local Advertising and Text Message marketing. Text Message marketing will reach customers in minutes with the desired advertisement. An example might be, on a slow evening, at 6:30 pm, for you to text your people with a “Free Dessert with Entre purchase until 9:00 pm.”